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Why Run

This post was written by Christian Webb an avid runner at https://how2runwell.wixsite.com/website  you can follow him on instagram @how2runwell  

There is a pretty solid chance if you're reading this you know that there is something about running that entices you to keep lacing up those shoes again and again. You might not know exactly what it is, and people run for all sorts of reasons, but whatever the reason running just makes life better.

Let's face it running is not always what most people would describe as 'fun'. It can be hot, cold, exhausting, wet, and painful, but every runner knows that if they bust out that run today they will feel 10 times better. It makes you stronger both physically and mentally, provides a sense of accomplishment, and of course, causes our bodies to release endorphins responsible for the 'runners high' we all crave.

So we welcome the suffering with open arms. For us, it's an important addition to the spicy cocktail of experiences in our lives. Whether you started running for health or sport, Running has provided many of us with a boost in well-being and comfort within the uncomfortable unmatched by many other activities.

Stay spicy friends - Christian

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