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Which Shoes Should I Use for Indoor Sports?

No longer do athletes wear one-sport-fits-all sneakers, and tennis shoes are no longer only the simple canvas upper with rubber soles to be worn when swinging a racket. It's important to know which kinds of shoes work best for indoor sports and which ones are better for outside. You don't want to damage the floor or hurt yourself.

Indoor vs Outdoor Athletic Shoes

The primary differences between indoor and outdoor shoes is the pattern on the bottom as well as the difference in the tread. The differences aren't only for professional sports. The correct shoes for indoor or outdoor will help you navigate the asphalt, gym floor or other material you'll be moving around on. You want your feet to have the correct shoes for foot health as well as to allow you freedom of movement and speed.

Use Turf-Safe Shoes or Cleats

It’s important to remember that many sports use artificial turf. Even sports that are played outdoors often play where turf is used instead of real grass. If you don't have the right type of shoes or cleats, the turf could get torn up or otherwise damaged. When buying your shoes, make sure they will work indoors or outdoors in addition to making sure the actual shoe is correct for the sport you'll be participating in.

How Important Is Price?

If you are buying shoes for your child, he or she might want the shoes that are a couple of hundred dollars. But since growth is still going on, you as the parent have the last word. Are a pair of kicks worth a week's worth of groceries? On the other hand, if you are competing or your child is less likely to have a growth spurt and the game takes much of their time, the right fit and quality may be necessary.

Clean Your Footwear

Whatever kinds of shoes you have, keep them clean. Athletic shoes can be a fashion statement as well as a form of protection for your feet during the sport you are playing. Hold off before you toss them in the washer. Some shoes can be machine-washed, but not all. Make sure to check the care instructions for your shoes and follow them exactly. Having clean shoes when you are playing indoor sports will help make sure they have an optimal grip. If your shoes aren’t machine washable, there are shoe cleaning products you can use to clean your shoes without ruining them in the washer or dryer.

Do you wear your indoor shoes outdoors or your outdoor shoes indoors? Or do you get a pair for each? Such is the dilemma of athletic shoe enthusiasts. Let your wallet and your need be the deciding factors.

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