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How You Can Use This Time of Social Distancing to Make Changes to Your Physical Health

COVID-19 has forced people around the world to move their lives indoors. However, this time of forced isolation comes with some benefits. You now have plenty of time to adopt some healthy habits. Here's a look at three concrete ways that you can improve your health at home.

Eat In Instead of Eating Out

Before the days of social distancing, it was nothing to grab lunch at the local restaurant. Not only does this practice take a toll financially, but it also takes a toll on your health. Restaurant portions are often bigger than necessary and filled with hidden no-nos, like extra fat and salt.

Now that you're at home regularly, get into the practice of cooking healthy meals from scratch. You'll get bonus points for cooking in batches and freezing some meals. This gets you in the habit of preparing nutritious food ahead of time. Once you go back to work, keep this habit going: You'll always have pre-made food that you can put into your lunchbox and heat up at work.

Get Back on a Regular Sleep Schedule

Modern life isn't conducive to getting good sleep. However, now that you're not working as much (or at all), take the time to reset your sleep schedule. Doing so will eventually allow you to fall asleep and wake up at more consistent times. If you're having trouble sleeping, keep in mind that Somarest and CBD products can help you stay asleep and get to sleep.  It's not unusual to need some sort of sleep aid if your system has gotten out of whack. CBD and other natural sleep aids provide you with the nudge you need to create a newer, healthier sleep routine.

Don’t Miss Out on Exercise

Your body needs movement to remain healthy. Fortunately, with the advent of YouTube and exercise apps, it's possible to get in a great workout at home. Best of all, you can work out in your pajamas without anyone batting an eye. If you’re looking for a new way to exercise, this is a great opportunity to try something new. Nobody will be there to judge you on your skills (or lack thereof).

While the novel coronavirus presents plenty of potential hazards to your health, there are some silver linings on the health front. Now that you're home, you probably have time to cook healthy meals, get good sleep and exercise more. What's even better is that once these routines become habits, your health will continue to benefit long after the danger of the virus has passed.

If you do continue your workouts, you’re going to need some proper fuel. Try our energy and sports nutrition capsules!

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