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How to Stay Safe When Going for a Run During the Pandemic

The COVID pandemic has altered countless areas of our daily lives and touched upon aspects of our routines that no one would have expected. One such example is running. Yes, it is safe to run during the pandemic, but there are some ways to run that can enhance your safety and make sure you protect yourselves and those around you. Here are three ways to stay safe, even while running, during the pandemic.

Follow CDC Guidelines

CDC guidelines have been established to help people continue to interact and exercise during these times. These guidelines are meant to keep you and those around you safe. They include wearing a face mask whenever you are near others, keeping at least six feet from others, and washing your hands frequently. You should also avoid touching your face, as doing so risks you accidentally ingesting germs. Furthermore, CDC guidelines have continued to change and evolve as this crisis has unfolded. As such, it is important to keep as close an eye on them as possible.

Try to Run During the Day

It is safer to run during the day. It is obviously brighter if you run during daytime hours, and this dramatically reduces the risk of you being hit by a car or becoming the victim of some sort of crime. Furthermore, you have enhanced visibility, and you are less likely to fall on a crack in the sidewalk or some other obstruction. If you run at night, you should wear bright colors or use other measures to make yourself seen.

Avoid Crowded Areas

As a result of COVID, more and more people are spending time outdoors. This is understandable, but it can create a problem, as people are getting closer than six feet to each other. If you are going to run during this pandemic, it is best to avoid crowded areas, like parks or trails. At a minimum, try to avoid visiting them during peak hours, and do whatever you can to avoid people while running. Maintaining social distancing can be tough, so it may be better to avoid parks or crowded trials entirely.

Exercise is critical and encouraged during COVID-19, as it can help to keep our minds and bodies sharp while avoiding cabin fever. However, there are things you can do to protect yourself and increase your safety. The above three tips are great ways to run while keeping safe.

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